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Try our baklava at the SLO Film Festival 23 on March 14, 2017. 


What is BAKLAVA? 

Baklava is a revered confection dating back three millennia. Made of phyllo dough, nuts and often sweetened with sugar or honey, baklava is commonly identified with middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cultures and enjoys worldwide popularity. 

BAKLAVA ROYALE is a passionate tribute to the very best of the ancient time-honored traditions, perfected for the modern palate. Using the finest ingredients available, our dedication to authenticity is a delicate satisfying pastry of light crispy buttery golden-brown phyllo, a luxurious assortment of tasty pistachio, walnut, almond, pecan and other fillings, all lovingly kissed with a touch of real honey. 
BAKLAVA ROYALE has a growing and loyal clientele and is highly sought after for its rich complex flavors, light-crisp textures and tasty varieties that compliment almost any cuisine.

BAKLAVA ROYALE offers Authentic, Sugar-Free, Vegan & Sugar-Free Vegan Baklava. We cater to Restaurants, Caterers, Special events, etc.



Located on the beautiful California Central Coast, Baklava Royale is made in a Home Kitchen and is licensed as a Class B Cottage Food Operator in Santa Barbara County.

Baklava Royale’s Enviromental Health Services Permit No. PR0513324.

Baklava Royale is fully insured. 

Note: A copy of licensing and health records will be provided upon request for B2B commercial customers.


P.O. Box 2446
Santa Maria, CA 93455

1 (805) 720 - 7900


Authentic Baklava made with our special honey blend, premium vegetable ghee, delicate phyllo dough with assorted natural fillings and toppings. 

• Sugar-Free Baklava made with high quality sugar-free syrup. 

Vegan Baklava made with natural sweetner, premium vetetable ghee and rose water.

Sugar-Free Vegan Baklava made with high quality sugar-free syrup.

Optional Fillings and Toppings: Pistachios, Cashews, Walnuts, Almonds and Pecans, and shredded Coconut or Baking Dates.

Other Flavors and Spices: Cinnamon, Rose Water and Chocolate.

Warning: All Baklava Royale varieties contains wheat, nuts and  no milk.


Baklava Royale only serves California customers at this time. We anticipate servicing customers outside California as we carefully expand our operations while maintaining product quality. 

Baklava Royale currently serves businesses in the cities of Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Solvang and Lompoc in Santa Barbara County and the cities of San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande in southern San Luis Obispo County.

Baklava Royale is on the menu of local fine dining establishments and is featured at wineries, cafes, bistros, coffee shops and other businesses.

Baklava Royale supplies to caterers and special events.

Baklava Royale also sells direct to the public.

Baklava Royale Tastings
To arrange tastings for your business or special events please contact sales.