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Read what our fantastic customers say about our delicous baklava!

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"I am writing this because it is hard to find outstanding baklava in the U.S. and I want to promote a great product when I find it. I am a self-proclaimed baklava connoisseur. I travel frequently and seek out baklava everywhere I go. I have eaten baklava all over the U.S. and all around Turkey and Greece from small mom/pop restaurants to large bakeries. So far, Baklava Royale is my favorite. The first thing I test for in baklava is sugar. Most bakers reduce cost by substituting some of the honey with cheap sugar syrup and it ruins the flavor; I can tell immediately. Next, I look for the ratio of honey, butter, phylo, and filling. Many bakers get the ratio wrong and reduce cost by shorting on the filling or they cover their shortcomings with too much syrup. Baklava Royale scores a perfect 10 in all categories with a delicate crispness on top, proper saturation of honey below, outstanding fillings, and perfect ratio of ingredients that complement each other. My favorite will always be pistachio but I have tried everything Baklava Royale offers and they never disappoint."
"After hearing some of my “foodie” coworkers rave on and on about Baklava Royale I decided to order a tray of pistachio and walnut baklava for the holidays. Really I just thought it'd be nice to have something different other than the usual pastries.
 Anyway, in spite of my coworker’s enthusiasm, I was still worried it might still be the flat tasteless chewy sickeningly syrupy sweet baklava I’ve had in the past that would spike my blood sugar. 
 Well, Baklava Royale was an immediate hit! It made a nice table presentation and everyone from the grandkids to the grandparents loved it! Baklava Royale was the very best baklava I’ve ever had. The philo was unbelievably light flaky and crisp. You could actually tell the fillings were fresh chopped nuts, and not some minced up mush. I can tell you that each bite was an experience light buttery honey kissed Baklava Royale goodness.   
 We have a saying where I'm from, "We don't eat to live, we live to eat," because in New Orleans we celebrate with food! My family loves Baklava Royale and yours will too!"

"I have always been a fan of baklava but as my palette matured, it became a gamble with every purchase. Would it be too sweet? Would it be fresh? I began taking less chances. I was pleased to discover Baklava Royale's quality and consistency, freshness, availability, and service! To date, its the best I've had. I've ordered trays for special occasions, such as a wine tasting party and a baby shower I catered. I've ordered pastachio, walnut, almond, and coconut flavors. This baklava is a refreshing alternative to the same old cookies and brownies and always a huge hit with endless oooohs and mmmms. All of it disappears because this baklava offers an especially exquisite flavor - its truly an experience to savor. If perfection had a flavor, I'm pretty sure it would be Baklava Royale's baklava."

“I enjoyed baklava for the first time in Chicago in 1980 and have been a baklava enthusiast ever since and this is the very first baklava that has ever come close to matching the taste, quality, and enjoyment from the baklava found those many years ago in Chicago. Having traveled all over the US and taking the time to seek out as many artesian food establishments as possible, the baklava at Baklava Royale has exceeded every experience I have ever had with baklava. I am a customer for life!”